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Tyson Fury as Muhammad Ali but Oleksandr Usyk’s fight could be a STINKER as legend Roy Jones Jr urges Gypsy King to face ‘dangerous’ Dillian Whyte next


Boxing legend Roy Jones Jr compares Tyson Fury to the great Muhammad Ali – but that’s exactly why he thinks a fight with Oleksandr Usyk could be “stinky.”

After knocking out Deontay Wilder in one of the most exciting fights in history, everyone wants to know what’s next for the Gypsy King.


Fury and Wilder’s third fight was an instant classic

A fight with IBF, WBA and WBO champion Oleksandr Usyk would unify the heavyweight division for the first time in more than two decades, but the Ukrainian is locked in a rematch with Anthony Joshua.

WBC King Fury could, of course, wait to face the winner, but former heavyweight champion Jones Jr would far prefer to see him fight obligatory challenger Dillian Whyte in the meantime.

The Body Snatcher is cut from the same heavy-punched fabric that Wilder and Jones Jr suggest that an all-British contest would be far more exciting than a potential battle of wit between Fury and Usyk.

“I don’t think he’s waiting for the unchallenged fight [against Usyk], it could come back hurting him in the long run, ”Jones Jr. told talkSPORT.

Usyk gave a boxing masterclass to beat AJ

Mark Robinson / Matchroom

Usyk gave a boxing masterclass to beat AJ

“After a brilliant performance, you don’t want to charge for a fight that’s a stinky.

“These two guys are mental boxers rather than physical boxers. A mental boxing match can be a stench for the fans.

“With the heavyweight division being as hot as it is right now, we don’t need a stinker. Let’s keep it good.

“Let him fight Dillian Whyte, because it won’t be a stench.” Whyte is the puncher, Fury is the boxer. We expect Fury to win, but it won’t be a stench as Dillian is dangerous every second.

“This is what we like. That’s why we loved the fight with Wilder because he was dangerous every second. It’s boxing. So let’s entertain people.

Whyte has been waiting for a title shot for years

Mark Robinson / Matchroom

Whyte has been waiting for a title shot for years

That’s not to say that Jones Jr doesn’t respect Fury’s ability to outdo his opponents.

In fact, the former champion compared the mental toughness of the Gypsy King to arguably the greatest boxer of all time.

He added: “Fury will always be a favorite of mine because he was on cloud nine, got knocked down at cloud one, then he went back to cloud ten.

“It’s an incredible story. When you speak of skill, he might not be the most skillful guy. He might not be the most dominant puncher.

“But mentally he’s one of the best mental guys you’ll ever see in boxing.

Ali is known as the


Ali is known as the “greatest of all time”

“He’s a heavyweight and he’s 6 feet 9 inches tall. He uses every piece of the 6ft 9in and everything God has given him to become victorious in these fights, people don’t expect him to win.

“It’s hard to beat an undefeated man, especially when he wins with his mind. I haven’t seen Muhammad Ali really have more skills than everyone else. I saw him surpass everyone.

“I was like, ‘If I can do that, having skills is just a plus! “”

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