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Uddhav leader Sushma Andhare recites the 5 pillars of Islam


Sushma Andhare, leader of the Shiv Sena belonging to the Uddhav Thackeray camp, was seen reciting verses from the Quran and praising Islam. The video which was shared by BJP MLA Atul Bhatkhalkar is reported to be an elder. Andhare was speaking at a public meeting where she extolled the virtues of Islam.


She first recited the Bismillah-Rahman-Rahim verse and then enlightened the audience on the five pillars of Islam. “The first is a true Muslim who makes namaz five times a day, the second is to observe Roza during Ramzan, giving 20% ​​of his income is the third, the fourth is undertaking the Haj pilgrimage and the fifth is that he you have to remember to face Allah during Qayamat when you should be able to face him with your head held high,” Andhare says in the video.

While Andhare nurtures a love of Islam, she is a Hindudveshi (Hinduphobe) who has often made derogatory remarks Remarks against the Hindu Dharma. Earlier she made degrading remarks against Bhagwan Vishnu’s Dashavatar and Bhagwan Ayappa’s birth. Andhare also insulted Devi Maa and Hindu rituals followed during Navaratri as the audience laughed.

Speaking of Devadidev Mahadev in an insulting manner, Andhare remarked, “Bhasmasur is said to have undertaken Tapasya to please Mahadev, known as Bhole. He is so Bhola that he didn’t even know a son had been born to him” (a reference to the birth of Bhagwan Ganesh). She even insulted the Mandir of Maratha Kranti Morcha and Ayodhya Prabhu Sri Ram.

We cannot emphasize enough that she is a neo-Ambedkarite who are Hindudveshis to the core. For all his lofty claims of being a Hindutvawadi, At Uddhav Thackeray The camp is not only associated with the Anti-Hindu Congress and the NCP (Nationalist Congress Party), but also has Hindu-hating and Islam-loving leaders like Andhare.

(Featured Image Source: Loksatta)