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Unreadable: An Exhibition by Muhammad Zaman


Fri 16 Sep – Sat 22 Oct
All day

The “Illegible” project consists of a series of works in acrylic and mixed media on canvas and paper. The mixture of languages ​​that the artist uses – three different languages ​​that make up his identity: English since he is an American citizen, Bengali as the language of his homeland and Arabic which is the language of the religion to which he belongs – and the elaboration of the composition involves the juxtaposition of different layers of colors and words, which will make the work unreadable. The curiosity to decode a message supports the importance of mutual respect despite the impossibility of communicating or understanding each other.

The themes dear to the artist, and much discussed these days, have to do with immigration, cultural differences and mutual respect, and peace.
coexistence. The “Illisible” series is a dance between language and communicability. The titles of the works create a journey of meaning that anyone can break down and reconstruct, or follow as presented by the artist.

Muhammad Z Zaman is a calligraffiti artist living in Buffalo. His personal style incorporates three different languages ​​that make up his identity. His style ranges from ancient calligraphy to post-modern abstraction. He has exhibited in art galleries, museums and art fairs in Buffalo, New York, London, Rome and Miami, among others. His work as public art appears in multiple locations across New York State. His concepts focus on the peaceful coexistence of different cultures. It aims to bring the community together and learn from each other. His favorite medium is acrylic on canvas or muralism.