Home Islam Viral video showing ‘Hindu girl converted to Islam’ in Kerala is actually a teaser for upcoming film ‘The Kerala Story’

Viral video showing ‘Hindu girl converted to Islam’ in Kerala is actually a teaser for upcoming film ‘The Kerala Story’


The monologue of a woman wearing a burqa is going viral on social networks. In the viral video, she can be heard saying, “My name was Shalini Unnikrishnan. I wanted to be a nurse to serve humanity. Now I am Fatima Ba, an ISIS terrorist incarcerated in Afghanistan. not alone. Like me, 32,000 women have already been converted and buried in the deserts of Syria and Yemen. A deadly game of converting normal girls into murderous terrorists is taking place in Kerala. Believing that this video was really an incident, of Many people shared this video and claimed that a Hindu girl from Kerala was turned into a terrorist by ISIS.

A Twitter user shared this video with a legend that reads in Hindi, “केरल में 32000 हिन्दु लड़कियों को बनाकर बनाकर बनाकर जैसे जैसे खूंखार आतंकवादी संगठनो बेचकर बेचकर आतंक फैक्टरी फैक्टरी बनाने संगठनो कोर आतंक आतंक की फैक्टरी बनाने कादी काम चलरह Cre तथ work”

[English Translation: In Kerala, converting 32,000 Hindu girls into Muslims and selling them to dreaded jihadi terrorist organizations like ISIS and making them a terror factory is going on. Under the protection of the so-called Kerala state government, all the games are going on with the help of PFI, Indian Mujahideen terrorists.]

Another user wrote: “”Shalini UnniKrishnan” and now I am “Fatima Ba”, an ISIS terrorist. Yemen, Syria and Afghanistan”.

It is widely shared on Facebook and Twitter with a similar claim.

To claim:

A viral video shows a Hindu girl from Kerala who converted to Islam and is currently in Afghanistan as an Islamic State terrorist.

Fact check:

Logical Indian’s fact-checking team verified the viral claim and found it misleading. The viral video is part of a teaser for an upcoming movie called ‘The Kerala Story’.

During the initial investigation, we carefully watched the video and found that several verified Twitter handles were sharing this clip mentioning it as a teaser for an upcoming movie named “The Kerala Story”.

Inspired by this, we did an open-ended keyword search and discovered that “The Kerala Story” is a movie produced by director and producer Vipul Amrutlal Shah under the banner of Sunshine Pictures. Its teaser was released on November 3, 2022. The film is directed by Sudipto Sen, based on the issue of conversion and terrorism in Kerala. According to an article published by Cinema Express dated 22 2022, the director of the film Sudipto Sen claimed in his statement, “According to a survey, a total of 32,000 Hindu and Christian girls have been converted in Kerala since 2009. Most of them end up landing in Syria , Afghanistan and other ISIS and Haqqani Influential Areas!While accepting these facts, the government sees little in the way of a definitive plan of action against such huge international conspiracies carried out by groups influenced by IS.” Below you can see the teaser.

The woman seen in the viral video is actor Adah Sharma. We also scanned her social media profile and found the long version of a viral video tweeted by her on November 3. She mentioned hashtags like #Upcomingmovie, #SunshinePictures #TheKeralaStory suggesting a movie teaser.

We searched for reports to back up the film’s claim that 32,000 Hindu women in Kerala were converted to Islam and sold to ISIS, but found nothing. Neither a news report nor a report from Indian investigative agencies. It appears from our investigation that the viral video showing a Hindu girl converted to Islam and currently in Afghanistan as an ISIS terrorist is not real but actually a teaser for an upcoming movie named “The Kerala Story”. The woman in the viral video is actor Adah Sharma. Therefore, the viral claim is misleading.

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