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Why do Muslim men become so intolerant, aggressive, angry and violent?


Just a few months ago, a girl named Nikita Tomar was shot dead in Faridabad, Haryana by Tausif Ahmed and his friend Rehman because she refused to marry Tausif who forced her to convert to his religion. The story reached the media and a national outcry ensued. A few days passed. Everyone forgot about the incident and went on with their respective lives. We now find ourselves in the same place, witnessing another brutal murder in similar circumstances. A Muslim man whose overtures were not reciprocated by a Hindu girl became so enraged that he set her on fire. The girl suffered more than 90% burns and succumbed to a painful death. This unfortunate incident raises many questions and points to ponder.

It is important to cite an example here so that we can look at the situation rationally. A few days ago, a Muslim family from Meerut approached my office because a Muslim man was threatening to throw acid in the face of their underage daughter if she refused to return his romantic advances. Luckily the family acted quickly and we registered an FIR and had the man arrested.

A very important question we need to ask ourselves here is, “Why do young Muslims, especially men, become so intolerant, aggressive, angry and violent? As a female lawyer from the Muslim community, I would like to say that it is high time that we stop, reflect, introspect and find solutions as a community. Our men commit such crimes not only with women of other faiths, but also with Muslim women. Besides triple talaq, halala, misyar marriage, one-sided talaq, child marriage and many other such crimes are being committed while we are busy advocating that the crimes are not associated with any religion.

I want to give another example here. In some cases, when there is a mutual relationship between a Hindu girl and a Muslim boy and the girl agrees to marry, these men force or pressure the girl to convert to Islam before marry. In our country, inter-religious marriages are legal and two people of different faiths can marry without converting to another religion. Such marriages can be performed under the Special Marriage Act 1954. So what motivates these men to force a girl to convert? We must condemn this intolerance towards other religions. If a person is really in love with a person, he must accept him completely without trying to change him or his religion.

In some cases, the girl is not interested and refuses the proposal and romantic advances, like the girl from Jharkhand. This made the man so angry that he set her on fire.

So one thing that is a consistent pattern is intolerance of other people’s thoughts, beliefs, choices, and decisions.

It is no coincidence that Muslims have problems with people around the world. I want to quote here a tweet from a young rational Muslim voice, Omer Ghazi.

Another example deserves to be given here, to show another pattern. Shahrukh in Jharkhand sets fire to a Hindu girl and Muhammad Riyaz in Rajasthan lynches a Hindu tailor. One thing that is common here is that after taking two lives, both had a smile on their face with a sense of pride! This sighting is something we should not take for granted as it shows a mindset that can take more lives. There is a feeling of psychopathy without any feeling of remorse. These would-be killers roam freely around us and can kill or attack in the blink of an eye. Anything and everything can provoke them, whether it’s a rejection of their marriage proposal or something as small as a difference of opinion.

We need to get to the root of the problem so that we can identify and rectify the mistake we are making. Otherwise, this state of mind will come back to haunt us in different forms.

If we really want these crimes to be eliminated from society, we must see the pattern and introspection as a society. There is a pattern here of intolerance, extremism, aggression, anger and violence. We have to go and see our academic institutions and what they teach our children.

The fatwa brigade is also responsible for making young Muslims aggressive, as anything that makes a person happy and inclusive is declared haram. Music, dance, art, culture, everything is prohibited. Yoga and meditation, which have the potential and power to rejuvenate and refresh even the subconscious mind, are not permitted by these clerics. They are more interested in creating frustrated and angry souls rather than calm, patient and happy souls. I really think a movement should be started to involve Muslim children in music, dance, art and cultural activities so that they have the opportunity to grow. All human beings deserve to live and celebrate life according to their own beliefs and conditions.

This perspective needs to be explored because most of us talk about crime when it happens. Some of us advocate the harshest punishment, but very few people talk about prevention. Not only the cure, but the prevention of a crime is of utmost importance.

I want to conclude by sharing a beautiful story that my Guru, Hon’ble Shri KN Govindacharya, told me once. There was a demon named Raktabija who was blessed that whenever a drop of his blood fell on the earth, another demon of equal size and strength was born. All the gods could not kill him, so they approached Maa Durga to fight and defeat this demon. Maa Durga was fighting with all Shaktis but every time a single drop of blood fell from Raktabija’s body to earth, a new demon was born. When Maa Durga got tired, she called Maa Kaali and asked her to drink the blood drops as soon as they fell and not let them touch the ground. Then Maa Durga waged a war with all the demons present in the battlefield. She cut off the Raktabija’s heads and Maa Kali drank the blood before it fell to the ground. In this way, all the Raktabija were killed.

This story teaches us that the system must deal with criminals tough. They should receive the most severe punishment possible. However, as a society, we must ensure that no new Raktabija is born.

Subuhi Khan is a Supreme Court lawyer and social activist. The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not represent the position of this publication.

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