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Woman Tells AIMIM’s Waris Pathan During TV Debate


On Monday evening, June 13, AIMIM leader Waris Pathan was instructed by a Muslim panelist named Subuhi Khan during a debate on recent violence orchestrated by Islamist mobs over alleged “blasphemy”.

During the ‘Stop the Riot Culture’ debate on Republic TV, Pathan was seen crying foul over the demolition of illegal homes of Muslim rioters in Uttar Pradesh. Instead of answering the questions posed to him, the leader of AIMIM remained obsessed with his monologue.

“He will keep repeating the same things,” noted a co-panellist named Subuhi Khan. At that point, Pathan responded aggressively, “You don’t teach me what to repeat. I never intervened when you made a comment. Khamosh (The silence).”

Apni zabaan sambhal ke baat kijiye (Hold your tongue),” she remarked. The leader of AIMIM replied: “Aree app sambhal ke baat karo. Mujhe tumhare is tamedez nahin sikhna. (You shut up. I don’t need to teach you manners.)”

Subuhi Khan then asked Arnab Goswami to lower the volume of Pathan’s microphone while the latter threatened to leave the debate. “It’s not 1984 and I’m not Shah Bano. And you are Waris Pathan. Stay within your limits,” she stressed.

Hearing this, a red-haired Waris Pathan said, “Shut up and sit down. You and your entire lineage are 2-sided. Speak respectfully. He then claimed that she was not appointed as a BJP spokesperson because she was a Muslim.

“Your name is Subuhi Khan. You weren’t appointed spokesperson for the BJP despite licking his feet,” he continued with his tirade. The Muslim panelist said: “I am not active in politics unlike you. “Stop dreaming and come back to reality. You won’t get anything… Sit quietly, Waris Pathan replied rudely.

Co-Panelist Opposes Waris Pathan’s Indecent Behavior

After about 45 minutes of debate, RSS ideologue and co-panelist Ratan Sharda called on Waris Pathan to apologize to Subuhi Khan for his disreputable remarks. “You are a useless bad person… You are an idiot, a madman,” the AIMIM leader told Sharda.

At that time, Arnab Goswami intervened and ordered Waris Pathan to be careful with his tongue. He also banned her from making personal remarks about a panelist. Subuhi Khan replied: “These men have a habit of confusing every Muslim woman with Shah Bano… This is not 1984 but 2022. He has forgotten that this is a nationalist government.

“I will insult her if she does not stop”, threatened Waris Pathan. Khan asked, “Why are you injured? Does your fragile masculine ego and masculinity get in the way of the debate? »

Towards the end of the show, Subuhi Khan told Pathan that Indian law would not work according to his whims and fancies. She rejected his claims of punishment granted for hurting religious feelings.

At that moment, in a rather childish way, the leader of AIMIM tried to make fun of his Muslim co-panellist by imitating his expressions. “What do you even know?” Chal, Chal? it has been heard.

15 million Muslims can dominate over 100 million Hindus: Waris Pathan

The leader of AIMIM is not new to controversy. In February 2020, Waris Pathan was seen inciting Muslims during an anti-CAA rally in Gulbarga, Karnataka attended by AIMIM leader Asaduddin Owaisi.

In a veiled threat to the Hindus, Pathan resorted to Muslim incitement by declaring that the time had come for the country’s Muslims to unite and “achieve freedom”. He added that even though Muslims only made up 15 crores in the country, they could still dominate over 100 crores of Hindus.

Speaking at an anti-CAA protest rally in Gulbarga in Karnataka, Pathan warned Hindus to be afraid of Muslims and reminded them of the consequences if Muslims unite.

“We have to work together, we have to snatch our Azadi. Now is the time to reach Azadi, if we can’t reach him, we must snatch him. They were laughing at us for hiding behind women (at anti-CAA protests),” he said.

Pathan continued, “Remember, these are lionesses that came out and you are already scared of these women. Be aware and know what will happen if all of us (Muslims) unite”.

“We are 15 crores but know that we can still dominate more than 100 crores Hindus and imagine what we can do to you,” he had threatened.