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Young people bemoan the burnout of Islamic teachers in Lagos schools


The National Council of Muslim Youth Organizations (NACOMYO) in Lagos has sounded the alarm over the exhaustion of Islamic Religious Studies (IRS) teachers in state public schools.

He said many Islamic teachers were retiring and there was no movement to replace them.

Council coordinator in Lagos, Alhaji Isiaka Salami, at a press conference said the number of IRS teachers in Lagos public schools rose from 267 to 220 before the COVID outbreak. 19.

“The updated number is now 220. That number before the pandemic was far behind, as the number of teachers is not sufficient to go around all schools in Lagos, let alone when the number continues to grow. decrease without any known attempt at replacement and increase the initial deficit, ”he said.

Salami said it would be counterproductive to leave the teaching of essential religious knowledge to anyone.

“When the government fails to teach proper Islam to its citizens, troublemakers and fanatics will trade and teach bad Islam. Once again, it is simply unfair that Muslim children are deprived of their basic rights by the government, ”he added.

Salami also tasked the state government to upgrade the smart tablets provided to teachers in Lagos state with the IRS educational details.

The board said the tablet leaves the IRS aspect to the discretion of teachers without including any instructional details.

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