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YouTuber Shazia Nuzar says you have to worship rapists to be a Hindu


Making derogatory comments about Hindu religion and Hindu gods has become a fad these days. Without fear of repercussions or reprisals, Hinduism has become a fair target for fanatics of all persuasions. Popular YouTuber Shazia Nuzar has also joined the ranks of Hinduphobic personalities by making outrageously offensive comments about Hinduism.

Nuzar, who runs a YouTube channel with 99,000 subscribers and an Instagram account with nearly 11,000 followers, made the remarks in one of his videos.

Shazia Nuzar YouTube Channel

Taking a sarcastic tone to mock Hinduism, Nuzar said it is not easy to be a Hindu, you have to worship 330 million gods to be a Hindu. She added that to be a Hindu you have to worship someone like Krishna who steals clothes from women taking a bath in a pond. Not stopping there, she goes on to say that you even have to worship rapists to become a Hindu.

Nuzar’s highly offensive video has now gone viral on social media, with users wondering if the court would make a point about her for provoking Hindus by offending their religious beliefs.

After video of her Hinduphobic remarks went viral, Shazia Nuzar posted another video of his Youtube channel trying to give a “context” to his remarks. Nuzar said she made the objectionable comments because someone else on Instagram commented on Islam, so she was just “replying” after doing a Google search.

Ironically, when Nupur Sharma attempted to respond to Shivling’s continued mockery in a current affairs debate, it sparked global outrage and several FIRs across the country against Sharma. Even India’s Supreme Court chose to blame Nupur Sharma for “setting the country on fire” with his “cowardly tongue”.